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The Berkswell Society was originally formed in 1973
The Berkswell Society was originally formed in 1973 as the residents’ association for Berkswell Parish.  In the 1980’s it lead a fight to stop a coal mine being developed in the parish, a fight that was won.

In 2015/16 it lobbied for improvements to the planned HS2 by presenting its case to a House of Commons Select Committee and a key Solihull Council committee....



Berkswell Society install and maintain flower planters in urban settings
Amongst many other activities The Berkswell Society install and maintain flower planters in urban settings and fruit trees, spring bulbs in the surrounding verges and green spaces.
We also work closely with the Parish Council to ensure on-going conservation and enhancement of our community assets for the benefit of all who enjoy Berkswell Parish.



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Berkswell Parish Planter replacement

Planters brighten our parish but unfortunately rot over time.

The Society has undertaken a replacement of 4 in Berkswell village, the Sunnyside roundabout in Balsall Common and the big planter on the Spencer’s Lane roundabout. See pictures below.

We are thankful for the ongoing financial support of the Berkswell Charities and Berkswell PC and our volunteers who look after them.

Outside Berkswell Village Shop

Island on Spencers Ln. and Tanners Ln.

Island on Sunnyside Ln.

Do you want a planter near you?.

If you do then we have one that can be installed and we fund the costs if you will look after it.

You do not need much expertise to get a colourful show although gardening experts are also welcome
If you live in Berkswell Parish and can help with the planters we would love to hear from you.

Can you help with Berkswell village planters?

We have volunteers to do the heavy work of watering but need help with planting in autumn and spring and a bit of deadheading and other simple maintenance on occasions during the year.

If you  would like to help with either of these please contact the Berkswell Society HERE

The Parish of Berkswell

The Parish of Berkswell includes Berkswell village, Berkswell railway station, most of the eastern part of Balsall Common including Meeting House Ln, Station Road west of Kenilworth Rd, the recent housing developments off Hallmeadow Rd and a number of number of surrounding hamlets. (see map below).

Berkswell's toponym is derived from the Berks Well, a 16 ft (5 m) square, stone-walled water well just outside the churchyard.

The Village of Berkswell

Berkswell village is the archetypal English village. It has umpteen listed buildings, a beautiful church dating from Norman times, a typical pretty village green and a rare animal pound.
It also has a large open well filled by an underground spring from which the village and parish get their name.
You can get a good beer/lunch/dinner in the pub and a cup of tea or coffee at the village shop (closed Sundays).
The post code to find the village is CV7 7BJ

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Berkswell village is the archetypal English village

Key Dates & Activities

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